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Premier League fans call for VAR after Javier Hernandez scores with hand

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    Another controversial moment

    Premier League soccer fans are calling for VAR to be executed in England ’ s leading flight following a goal was scored by Javier Hernandez with his hands.

    For what seems like an eternity the Video Assistant Referee system was a much talked about subject.

    It was a humongous stage throughout the World Cup when football fans must view it inside soccer for the first time.

    After what had been regarded as a evaluation, VAR started to be implemented across soccer.

    VAR is currently used at the Champions League and was actually a massive talking point that week for all of the wrong reasons.

    Manchester City conceded that which was a punishment, regardless of the episode being analyzed by VAR.

    That led to a great deal of individuals to talk about how the technology is not really ready yet.

    Premier League lovers are in reality bemoaning the lack of VAR in England tonight.

    LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 01: Manuel Pellegrini, Manager of West Ham United looks on in London Stadium on September 1, 2018 at London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Pictures )

    Because West Ham ’ s Javier Hernadez scored a goal that simply shouldn’t have 18, That’s.

    The Mexican ahead looked to possess invisibly to the back of the net from just two yards out.

    However, on further review, his head is actually missed by the ball and Chicharito uses his hand to shove it.

    While it ’ s difficult and too much to the linesman to spot the referee ’ s place makes it difficult for him to watch it.

    Though, though VAR had been in the Premier League, it could have picked up on the incident and the aim would not have been allowed to stand.

    Social media responds

    That was the view that Premier League enthusiasts took to describe.

    In some of its tests VAR has been through Regardless of the problems, many believe it’s necessary in England’s leading flight and shortly.


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