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Shon Coleman gets pay bump due to proven performance escalator

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    LB Pita Taumoepenu

    2020 PPE: Earned it, alerting him becoming released
    The PPE is available to players drafted in rounds 3 through 7, and provides for a pay increase from the fourth year of a rookie arrangement in case a participant reaches a count amount. He can make the PPE in one of two manners: 1) Perform no less than 35 percent of his team’s offensive or defensive shoots at just two of their first three seasons, or 2) play a cumulative average of at least 35 percent of the team’s defensive or offensive snaps within the previous three ordinary seasons.
    2018: 30.4percent

    2018: 2.0%

    A year ago, Trent Brown and Eli Harold possibly earned a PPE increase, and it is sort of an interesting coincidence that both have been traded by the 49ers. Here would be the 2017 draft class snap count proportions thus far. Again, only selections in rounds three will be qualified, and it counts defensive or offensive snaps.
    The Cleveland Browns drafted Coleman at 2016. He performed 51.7 percent of offensive snaps his rookie year, and then 97.8% of snaps from 2017. The option was accounted for by that, and despite no snaps this season, his cumulative average finished over 35 percent.

    2017: 47.5%
    2018: 22.3%

    S Adrian Colbert

    2018: 87.9%

    WR Trent Taylor

    The wages”shall equal the difference between (I) the quantity of the Restricted Free Agent Qualifying Provide for a Right of First Refusal Just as set forth , or as calculated in accordance with, Article 9 for the League Year in this participant’s fourth season also (ii) the participant’s year-four Rookie Salary (excluding signing bonus and sums treated as signing bonus). The resulting amount will be added to the specified amount of the player’s year-four Paragraph 5 Salary.”

    The only other participant on the 49ers roster who could have made the PPE is Ronald Blair. He played 49.8 percent of defensive shoots this past year, but did not attain 35 percent in both his first two seasons. His accumulative average for his first three seasons was 29.4 percent.
    Checked the NFLPA database, which looks just like OT Shon Coleman’s base salary has increased to $2M, this will as a result of Proven Performance Escalator clause for 3rd-7th rd choices. He still had enough play time with Cleveland to be eligible, While he did not play a down.
    2017: 44.6%
    2020 PPE: It’s all going to return to if he secures the starting free safety function, or whether the group makes a move for Earl Thomas.
    2017: 0 percent

    The great news for Blair is that he is eligible for a contract extension this offseason. He had a solid season and could be a rotational player. I would not be surprised to see that the 49ers stretch him.

    DT D.J. Jones

    2020 PPE: He would need a huge workload this forthcoming season for around a 35 percent accumulative average. Contemplating his rotational function, in spite of the passing of Earl Mitchell, which sounds unlikely.
    The San Francisco 49ers gained offensive tackle Shon Coleman on August 31st final year, and although he did not play one snap in 2018, he has made himself a pay raise. His base salary in 2019 will rise from $755,280 to $2 million thanks to the functionality escalator.
    2018: 29.8%

    TE George Kittle

    The 49ers 2016 draft course was a disaster. Following DeForest Buckner, Ronald Blair is the only player of notice. Joshua Garnett is still on the roster and might compete for a guard spot that summer, but it also wouldn’t be surprising when he was cut. Following that, Rashard Robinson proved to be a decent option temporarily and Aaron Burbridge proved to be a good special-teamer before getting hurt. Jeff Driskel turned into an adequate choice in Cincinnati, however, that is about it.

    QB C.J. Beathard

    2020 PPE: Earned it
    2020 PPE: He would have to play around 100% of snaps to have a shot in the PPE, and even that might not be enough based on snap robes.
    2018: 65.2%

    2017: 58.7percent
    Coleman’s salary is not guaranteed, therefore the 49ers could decide he is not worth keeping around at this amount. It’s also possible they think he can be a replacement choice for the recently released Garry Gilliam.

    2018: 32.2%

    2017: 13.0%

    CB Ahkello Witherspoon

    2017: 35.4percent
    2017: 53.7percent
    2020 PPE: Injury slowed down him in year two, but I believe we find him get over the 35% mark in year three and earn the PPE.

    He did not play a snap to the 49ers, but his first two decades in Cleveland caused the pay increase.


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