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Alexander-Arnold: ‘I use last year’s loss at United as a learning point’

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    The Liverpool right-back Contributes to Old Trafford keen to atone for chastening defeat by Manchester United

    “Don’t become complacent or big-headed” was that the direct however well-meaning information from Cafu into Trent Alexander-Arnold if the two-times World Cup winner attended an awards ceremony at Monaco this week. Listening to this Liverpool defender relive his afternoon that is uneasy at Manchester United last season underlines his club and country don’t — along with Brazil participant shouldn’t — bother about self.

    Old Trafford, where Jürgen Klopp’s team leader on Sunday, staged exactly what Alexander-Arnold describes as the toughest second of his career last March. The Champions League final defeat by Real Madrid would claim that reduced mark two months afterwards however United’s 2-1 victory, and the lessons from this, are seared on the 20-year-old.

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