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Fifa facing urgent calls to investigate Qatar World Cup bid claims

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    • Qatar reported to have offered Fifa $400m Prior to 2022 Victory
    • Al Jazeera alleged to have signed TV contract Creating the Deal

    Fifa is facing calls for launch an urgent investigation into a secret $100m TV deal offered by Qatar’s state-run broadcaster al-Jazeera three months before it awarded the 2022 World Cup to the nation .

    The allegations were made at a novel, Whatever It Takes — the Inside Story of the Fifa Way, with a whistleblower from within Australia’s failed 2022 bid, Bonita Mersiades, in January 2018. However, the Sunday Times stated it had also seen documents showing executives from al-Jazeera had signed a TV contract that contained an unprecedented victory rate of $100m — that would be paid to Fifa just if Qatar won the World Cup ballot in 2010.

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