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PSG demise a lesson in the corrupting effect of money and arrogance | Jonathan Wilson

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    Football still, it turns out, has got the power to fight back. Cash is a good deal of things but it is not quite everything, maybe not yet.

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    It was a Excellent week for Its puckish charms of Soccer and its ability to Confuse hubris

    Although earlier we get carried away, it should be acknowledged that it is in fact a whole lot of things, most things , practically everything. Spain and Germany will most likely have quite familiar winners. So distorted gets the contemporary view eventually become that not merely will be Ajax, grandees of this game, changed into plucky giant-killers, but somehow Manchester United can be cast as improbable outsiders. It was a terrific week for the puckish charms of football and its ability to confuse hubris but nobody should kid themselvesit’s losing the war against greed.


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